Reds hit rock bottom

Abbey 3 PFFC 1

Gaffer, 20 April 2005


[Ed’s note: in place of a match report, we reprint the e-mail sent out after the match by the Gaffer. The British equivalent of one of Filippo’s infamous changing-room outbursts, this acted to stem the flood of losses – PFFC managed to win or draw every remaining match in its campaign to avoid relegation.]

“It was an organisational shambles from start to finish. Pre-match no ball, lack of red shirts. The match itself we contrived to lose not because of dodgy decisions by the ref (although he was poor), but because we weren't organised and didn't play as a team. Loads of errors including for all three goals, the last two when they had ten men. We managed to concede two penalties when they had two players up for a set piece. Generally, foul throws (still?), needless concession of free kicks, wasting too many of our own, two people going for the same ball without calling. And more. Post match, many people left without paying subs.

Everybody needs to look at the table before Monday's match against Marks & Spencer. If we lose we are likely to be relegated.”

-- Geoff