Red men frozen out

PFFC 0 Athletico Chips 0

Damian 2 March 2005


The week before had seen a blizzard of snow engulf the pitch midway through the match and things were looking bleak as PFFC arrived looking cold and expecting the worst from the weather. The snow held off, but it would probably have made for a better spectacle than what happened on the pitch. This was a poor match with neither team particularly looking to take the initiative. Athletico Chips, who had beaten us earlier in the season, started with just 8 players, eventually reaching a full 11 over the course of the first 35 minutes.

So, as you can imagine, for these first 35 minutes, PFFC were camped in the opponents’ half of the pitch, but despite some good moves down the right between Ally and Kieran, no clear-cut opportunities arose. Our defence was untroubled and Owen didn't even have to touch the ball for the majority of the first half. The feeling was that if we got one goal, the floodgates would open and it would be a rout, but half time arrived with a general feeling of frustration and anger at us not being in the lead.

Apart from a good opportunity for Dennis and some more half chances – for Ally and a couple for the opposition – the second half slowly passed by and, if there were any spectators left, their prayers were answered as the referee finally blew up on this poor, dull game. Any good points? Well, this could have been a game like some others this season that we have gone on to lose, so at least we didn't do that. Also, we managed to secure a vital point to help avoid relegation. But overall, the feeling of frustration lingered in a match that we simply should have won. Let's hope we can put this kind of game behind us for the rest of the season.