Welcome to Philosophy Football FC’s blog

Welcome to our new blog. This will be the best way to keep up with Philosophy Football FC’s news, as well as our writing, cultural and political activities.

Please take a moment to subscribe to the blog so that you’re notified whenever new material is added. You can either subscribe via email using the link on the left, or subscribe to the RSS feed using the link in the menu bar above. (If you’re viewing the blog on a handheld device and the left-hand column and menu bar aren’t shown, click the following link to subscribe to the RSS feed.) You’ll then be asked to choose which browser, application or RSS service you want to use to receive these notifications. (If you want to receive notifications in your email client, you can paste the RSS URL into the application. Look in your mail application’s help section for instructions on subscribing to an RSS feed.)

Please also register for the blog using the menu bar (again, if you can’t see the menu bar, click this link) so that you can comment on posts and join in the conversation.

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