Philosophy prey on hapless Falcons

PFFC 7 Sporting Club de Falcon 2

Jez, 4 November 2001


Any kinship with the predatory bird was well concealed by the Falcon lads, who, despite wearing the Argentine strip, were living proof that nice guys finish last. Their confession in the dressing room that “we were tonked, even by Burge and Gunson”, raised the Philosophy expectations.

Falcon did spread their wings, albeit briefly, with two goals at the start of the second half. These moments interrupted the Philosophical tempo, the lads having previously floated across the Regents Park turf, rippling the onion bag 5 times in the first half hour, and being 6 up by half-time.

The first 6 encapsulated the range of Philosophy’s fearsome all-round attack. Cornish Al bent one round the keeper from the edge of the box; from a well worked training-ground corner; Stefan earned the match ball with a fine hat-trick, beating the defence for pace and their keeper with placement; from a corner; Paul directed a looping header from the far post to the near, the Falcon rearguard watching helplessly as it floated over their diminutive heads.

It could have been ten, as chances rained down on the unlucky Falcon keeper, mostly as a result of his poor kicking. Filippo, labouring under a cold, should have had one, Chris could have had a couple, Keir also troubled the keeper.

Understandably, all was jovial at the Philosophy end at half-time. The salts flowed like wine, and the orange segments like, well, bits of divisible citrus fruit. But the curmudgeonly Gaffer reminded us of his words spoken even as the fourth goal went in: “Defence! Defence! Get back and defend!”

Wise words indeed ­ the tall Falcon captain volleyed an unstoppable rocket past Coyne, substituting seamlessly for the injured Rob. A second followed swiftly as Philosophy threatened to disintegrate against a rejuvenated Falcon. Memories of Inter Aztec last season!

Philosophy’s postscript goal, provided by Chris, came at an important time, establishing the crucial 5-goal cushion In addition, Richard made his comeback, having refereed the first half and, along with the rest of the team, guided the Philosophy ship to safety and 3 points.

Onwards to the top of the table, Gents.