Philosophy squander victory in final moments

PFFC 4 Husaria 3 Strategic Optimists 2

Rob, 7 May 2017


This was a disappointing outing for the men in red, as we had the majority of attacking play in the first two thirds, but a couple of defensive errors coast us two goals in the final third. We welcomed back Billy, our erstwhile ‘whizz-kid extraordinaire’ together with Duncan, Mark, Miguel, Omer and myself.

We certainly thought a victory was on the cards: at the end of the second phase, the score was PFFC 2 – SO 2 – Husaria 3. All we needed to do was to keep it tight, attack SO and victory was ours. However, the best laid plans and all that. The game had a slight edge to it as well, something which we haven’t seen much in the 3sided history. Omer, Duncan and Mark all saw a ‘pink mist’ descend, albeit antagonised by others … members, it was a combination of the warm weather and the bizarre ‘situationist’ spectacle of an arty female running around, blowing her whistle and issuing random playing cards to anyone and no one in particular … very odd but in keeping with the anarchic nature of the 3sided game.