Thinkers stumble at final hurdle

Boodle Hatfield 3 PFFC 1

Cornish Al, 23 February 2004


At the time of writing much is forgotten. Defeats die soon in the memory.

This was the first opportunity to secure the league title. A note of caution was sung by Rob the Cat pre-match: “Whoa Gaffer, you ain’t won nothing yet”. Quite … as it turned out.

My recollection is of 3 goals scored as a result of balls over the top, punctuated by a PFFC equaliser (1-1); a magnificent long throw by Richard met with a glancing header by the writer (a collector’s item; the writer heading the ball with only slightly more frequency and authority than Clarkey) directing the ball into the net.

We had not won anything yet. But we left knowing that there would be other opportunities.