Party time but working spirit

PFFC 3 Hudson 0

Lele, 3 March 2004


The Philosophers arrived in Willesden for an unusual early kick-off in a kind of party mood. The previous week saw PFFC win their third league in a row, but also saluted both the end of the querelle between the Gaffer and the Direttore Tecnico and Rob the Cat`s 40th birthday, with related party ending up with Richard using Filippo`s jacket to make a present to a wonderful mysterious lady.

However, even if warming-up was much shorter than usual, and some key players were not available, the team looked focused and determined.

Geoff started trying new options for the upcoming challenges, and the ‘Goalie for the night’ Filippo (also known as ‘the Magnet’) was protected by Gibbo, Ally (first time as central back), Damian and Ronan. Midfield saw from left to right Dan, Vipul, Kieran and Lele (playing in his natural right mid position in his last match for PFFC), with Jamie and Eric upfront.

The opponents, despite their position in the table, were determined, convinced of their strength and even presumptuous. In a few minutes the Thinkers made it clear that Hudson could go on talking, while they were going to play their football again.

After a couple of dangerous moves blocked by harsh offside calls, and an incredible chance missed by Lele, Dan found Jamie who finished a brilliant run with a powerful shot: 1-0. The Gaffer was forced to make an early change with Vipul going off with a twisted ankle caused by one of the many late tackles of the frustrated opponents, and Marco Tre came in as central midfielder.

Eric, Lele, Jamie and Kieran had chances for the 2-0, but the result changed only in the second half, when Eric, again thanks to Dan’s assist, smashed home the second of the night and made it clear to Hudson’s central defender why we are at the two opposite ends of the table.

Mauro and Bruce also came in, with Ronan moving to midfield and making the third goal, running after a ball that looked lost to everyone and giving Mauro the easiest of the chances for his second of the season accompanied by a loud celebration. The Reds could have scored more but a doubtful offside denied Lele his first goal for PFFC, Marco hit the bar with a brilliant free-kick, and Hudson’s goalkeeper was their best man.

Filippo’s magnificent Camus shirt deserved a clean sheet, and the game ended 3-0, with PFFC playing good football in a relaxed but fighting mood, talking a lot and helping each other. Tapas and rioja were the sweet reward.