Absent Mother hand Thinkers win

PFFC 3 Mother 0

Goober, 23 January 2006


This was a game that never happened, and PFFC's easiest 3 points since leaving the Grafton Millennium League.

Mouthy newcomers Mother, whose captain had sworn his way through the match and grabbed Owen by the throat before being sent off, failed to get a team together to face PFFC in the return fixture. This handed PFFC a walkover and 3 points, and left Mother with the entire match fees plus a fine. After the let-off Mother were given by the referee for their previous performance, this seems just.

Could it be that PFFC's indomitable spirit, which last time saw us pull back from 2-0 down to draw the match in the face of torrential abuse, wore them down? More likely, as skipper Ally commented, that they are simply afraid of Owen.

The 3 points awarded us takes us ahead of Mother in the table, which has a poetry all of its own.