A cartoon short

Warner Bros 3 PFFC 0

Cornish, 30 January 2006


Do not be misled by the scoreline. This was a triumph. A triumph for spirit. The spirit that has been and continues to be the very stuff of PFFC. A wonderful team performance restricted a very good side, which would go on to beat Mother 6-0, to just 3 goals.

The cartoon kings were in animated mood but found PFFC as stubborn as Elmer Fudd and chances as elusive as Roadrunner. The Reds settled well to their task of containing the opposition, those Thinkers resident in Bloomsbury being encouraged by shouts across the Warner Bros midfield of "Russell! Square!" The industry of the Thinkers was epitomised by PFFC's own product of Hollywood (well, California, anyway), Eric, who worked tirelessly up front.

Whilst the Hollywood giants ran out winners, this was a game in which the Warner Bros Toms were largely frustrated by the wit and spirit of the PFFC Jerrys.