Slow start to season continues

BBC Post-Prod 3 PFFC 3

Ally, 27 September 2007


Sorry to those who have remained in the dark about last Thursday's result against BBC FC; we drew 3-3, allowing 2-1 and 3-2 leads slip away in the second half. As the season progresses and our fitness improves, I am convinced we will show more strength in the second halves of games and more alertness in the first halves.

We went ito half time at 0-0 and lost an early goal in the second half. Ally scored a free-kick to level the match (Neil wanted to know where the Scotsman was going to place it and Ally replied he didn't know!) and Damo scored a penalty after Tom had been hacked in the box. Two free-kicks and two penalties for the gafferino and assistant gafferino this season; hopefully there is more where that came from (the legends of Mathaus and Koeman are quivering at this early stage of the season).

BBC levelled and looked physically strong and the red men knew they were in a fight. Again, Ally struck a free kick along the ground and it was deflected by Bryan and a defender into the net, a diplomatic discussion of who should be awarded a goal by the Scottish former school chums resulted in a decision of 'own goal'. Once more however, PFFC allowed a set piece to scupper their claims of glory and a fine corner and header combo secured a point for Auntie.

Moving on to Monday and we have a golden chance to not only stretch our unbeaten run to five games, but to claim our second win of the season. All we need to do is keep our concentration for 90 minutes, take our chances when they appear and not be brushed off tackles as easily as we have been.