Win, lose or draw?

Grafton 0 PFFC 3 (w.o.)

Ally Clow, 27 February 2011


A strange sunday morning for the reds as we won and drew all in the space of 90 minutes. The sad tale was that Grafton were unable to field a team so they gave us the points and a default 3-0 win. They had 7 then 8 players, so we played a friendly match whilst loaning them a couple of players and the resultant match ended in a 1-1 draw. Conditions were less than perfect as both teams struggled to play football on one of the muddiest pitches in PFFC history (the absolute worst in one Italian's view) and the congealed mud seemed to cancel both teams out.

Again, we had a couple of dropouts on the day and Andrea was stumped by the outgoing train information from Victoria station and ended up in Bromley before valiantly getting to the pitch in time to hear the news we'd won the match already without kicking a ball.

We were due to play Grafton again next week but we reached a mutual decision to postpone the match due to a number of players from both teams being unavailable for action, so we have a week off. News will follow as to whether or not we will get together for training or five-a-sides so keep a lookout for emails and match report.

Will (c)
Khan (played for Grafton 2nd half)
Ally (played for Grafton 1st half)
Max (played for Grafton 1st half and 1st half of 2nd half, finished the game for PFFC)