Change of year brings a change of fortunes

PFFC 2 – Aesthetico Athletico 3 – Deptford 3FC 3

Rob, 4 January 2015


Great game and our first victory. Impeccable defending when needed especially from Michele, our very own Berasi! Colin and Ömer marshalled the midfield superbly and Billy was outstanding up front, scoring a beaut of a goal past the Deptford keeper in the second third. Alfie too played his part tracking back and getting himself in the way of AA’s attacks in the final third.

We went up 1-0-0 and then they both attacked us and we spent much of the game behind 2-1-1, 2-2-1, and then finally one of the other teams teamed up with us and pulled the winning team to 2-2-3 and then they also conceded and we won 2-3-3.


Here is a short video of the match shot by Ă–mer:



PFFC: Rob, Colin, Michele, Ömer, Billy.
Sub: Alfie.