Reds lose runners-up place at the last hurdle

Philosophy Football FC 2 – Husaria 1 – Strategic Optimists 2

Rob, 7 June 2015


The final game of the season was upon us and those hardy stalwarts at Philosophy Football FC girded their loins, donned their pads and set out to cement our second palace in the inaugural 3Sided League. The squad was thinned out by the non-availability of Ömer, Matt and Ally, but we welcomed the returning Kadeem, fresh from his new role as ‘youth system head coach’ ... well, new dad on the block, if truth be told! Our French dynamo Alex also returned and our very own PFFC young guns on the block, Alfie and Billy, made up the Famous Five.

Our opponents for the last game were our good chums Polscy Budowlancy (now renamed Husaria) and those hardy perennials, Strategic Optimists. We were fairly optimistic that today SO might actually help out and form an alliance with us to attack the Poles. However, 30 seconds in, on a very hot day, it was evident that SO would form up with Husaria and head in our direction. Husaria were also boosted by two new signings, who were fit and very fast: very, very fast. They certainly appeared to be a notch above your average Sunday 3sided footballer and Greg employed them well, rotating on a regular basis, which had the desired effect of knackering us all out whilst pummelling our goal with shots. At the end of the first third, we found ourselves down 2-0-1 and need to regroup and save both energy and any more goals going against.

We managed this in the second third, which had the rare event of no goals at all being conceded, thanks to a combination of poor finishing and fine saves ... ahem! SO resumed their familiar ‘non-aggression’ pact and either sat back or played goal-hangers in our three-yard box. Billy went close, Alex cajoled and defended like a beast while Kadeem and Alfie harried for procession in the midfield. In the final third, we at last found a way past the Optimists and, once breached, they decided to assist with attacks on the Polish goal. Finally, after a sloppy piece of defending, we squeezed the ball home into the Husaria net. Despite one-way traffic towards the Polish goal in the final few minutes, we couldn’t breach their defence a second time and we finished with a ‘losing draw’, 2-1-2. This stalwart defensive effort was enough to take Husaria above Deptford 3 Sided FC and Philosophy Football FC to second place in the league table.

This was a good game, played in very hot, dry and dusty conditions. Hats off and slaps on the back to all the gallant men in red both today and throughout the season!

At the after-show chat and trophy ceremony – well done New Cross Irregulars – it was agreed that the club should continue with the 3sided League for another season, and so we now begin our search for new players to add to the squad. Certainly a few new people have expressed interest. We’ll aim to keep as many regular Philosophers as possible on board, playing in the glorious red shirt in what is a new era for the club.

For my part, I’d like to thank all those of you who played this year, and hope you gained enjoyment from the once-a-month activity. Look forward to seeing you all again in September, in the meantime, keep fit and keep it Philosophy!

All the best, Rob the ‘Cat’!