Red men squander impressive start

Sporting Falcons 3 PFFC 1

Will, 10 February 2013


I was beginning to regret my decision. When I rather pompously sent an email earlier in the week declaring that the last two players to show up would have to put up the net as punishment, I never expected the rest of the team to be so bloody early. Perched perilously on Michele's shoulders (my fellow latecomer), the net rubbing my poor fingers raw, I reflected on our season so far. Only one win. Too many downs and not enough ups. The many cancellations had stopped us gathering any momentum. Even if we managed a good performance today, it would be followed by three or four weeks off. Damn this winter.

Deployed in our now standard 3-4-2-1 formation, the red men started well. In fact, very well. Most of the play seemed to be concentrated in the Falcons' half, and mid-way through the first half, the Thinkers took the lead. Dylan sent a fantastic through ball to Will, who scuffed it through the keepers legs into the goal: 1-0! I took the congratulations for my cool finish but I think everyone knew the truth really.

At half time and 1-0 up this was the best we’d played in weeks. Surely we had turned the corner, and a first victory of the year beckoned?

But it was not to be. Although we started the second half well we faded and allowed Falcons back into the game. An equaliser was soon followed by a second – Ally keeping up his recent scoring spell but, unfortunately, at the wrong end – and although the Philosophers rallied, a demoralising third killed off our hopes.

We deserved more from this performance. Falcons had been clinical in their finishing where we had been profligate. A trait that would come back to haunt us in the next game…

PFFC (3-4-2-1): Kadeem; Michele, Ally, Andy; Will 1, Simon, Dylan, Omer; Matt, Colm; James