Another gift helps Reds up the table

PFFC 4 Grafton FC 1

Andrea, 28 April 2013


Three more points came yesterday when we were awarded another walkover, this time against Grafton. This gave us our fifth consecutive win.

They could only field nine players and decided to concede. We then staged a friendly with Zab the ref and Matt playing for them in the first half. Dylan replaced Matt in the white-blue vertical stripes for the second half. The Reds won 4-1 (3-0 at half-time), showing good mental and physical solidity, though not playing at the highest pace. In the competitive spirit, we took this result as the official result of the fixture, rather than taking the 5-0 walkover we could have done.

We now have 18 points (together with Arup, but they have no matches left to play) and are third, I think, behind Londrina (24 points) and Quinine (?). Will and Ally will update us soon on the latest Grafton Millennium league table, and with details of the next fixture, with Sporting Falcons: our last match this season.

What I can say with pride is that PFFC now features a solid group of skilled and determined players and should aspire to the very top positions of the table next year, granted that the individuals and the group maintain throughout the season that sense of a higher scope which is necessary to attain ambitious goals.