Albert and Jean-Paul's big day out



Camus v Sartre, picture 1

Sartre: Well here we are, Albert, back at Les Deux. There are many things I wish to say to you.
Camus: Ah, black coffee in the sunshine! The scent of peach blossom on the April breeze! How tragic and futile all life surely is!
Sartre: Let us go inside. My black shirt gets so hot in the sun.





























Camus v Sartre, picture 2

Camus: It was a good game, but you never put the ball back to me. Do you have something against me?
Sartre: My friend, if I do something, or do not do something else, who can say that it is 'for' anything? It simply is – a choice, that is all. A stochastic accident. There is no such thing as causation, only constant conjunction. Have a pain au chocolat.
Camus: Hmm, perhaps I will. It might taste pleasant. But then what would be the point of that? Pleasure, as with everything, is meaningless.





























Camus v Sartre, picture 3

Camus: It was so hot out there today. That damned Astroturf – sand and water everywhere. I felt I was on a beach. The sun was in my eyes. Their Arab striker bore down on me.
Sartre: Ah, but here you are making excuses for your actions. One cannot be a goalkeeper by nature, rather one becomes a goalkeeper by saving goals.