A selection of cultural writing, activities and musings from club members


Philosophy Football tastes Sicily

A special reunion meal to celebrate a landmark birthday of team legend Filippo Ricci (March 2017)


The top 13 albums of 2013

Damian Evans looks at the year's releases (January 2014)


The best films of 2014

Ally Clow gives us his traditional review of the year's cinema (January 2014)


The top 12 albums of 2012

Damian Evans looks at the year's releases (January 2013)


The best films of 2012

Ally Clow gives us his traditional review of the year's cinema (January 2013)


Top ten football songs

Owen Mather gives the count-down of iconic football music (December 2012)


A beautiful game in troubled places

A piece from 'Oscar' about football's role – both unifying and divisive – in some of the trouble-spots of the world (November 2012)


The greatest footballer you never saw

'Engels' on 70s legend Robin Friday, and the loss of personalities from football (October 2012)


The Truth

First article by our new writer 'Engels' (aka The Secret Philosopher), analyising the truth about 'The Truth' about the Hillsborough tragedy (September 2012)


Football United

With John Terry and Luis Suarez hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, we re-publish ex-player Adam Gold's article from 2005 about the ongoing fight against racism in the game (February 2012)


Best 11 albums of 2011

Damo Evans gives us his picks of the discs released this year, and a review of many others (January 2012)


Top Ten films of 2011

Ally Clow's personal selection (actually Top 12), along with his thoughts on many other films from this and previous years (December 2011)


London Film Festival 2010

Ally Clow on three films from this year's festival: The Temptation of Tony, Tabloid and Carlos (October 2010)


Blood, sweat and puddings

Owen Mather on that Lancashire delicacy, black pudding (October 2007)


Camus v. Sartre: the photostory

The famous café fall-out between the two existentialist, enacted by Philosophy Football FC (April 2005)


Ode to grass

Filippo Ricci’s paean to the green stuff, composed in the dark days of Astroturf football (February 2005)


A game of several halves

Stefan Howald's article on philosophy and football from 2002 (as a PDF file)